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Free SSL Certificates


Netscape adopted the SSL protocol for encrypting data sent between two computers over the internet in 1994.  The idea is that when you request a connection to a website, it gives you a key with which you both can use to encrypt and decrypt the information sent between you and the web server.  This prevents your data from being read by anyone in transit.

SSL also secures which pages you visit on a website.  For example, if you visit our website,, your Internet Service Provider only knows that you've visited our main website.  They cannot see that you are currently on this article's page,

Despite the obvious importance of SSL Certificates, for most of the internet’s history, SSL Certificates have neither been free nor particularly easy to implement.  This meant that many websites and web applications for small to medium business went unsecured, and far too many are still today. 

SSL Certificates must by recognized by a verified Certificate Authority, that is, the organization that issues the certificate and verifies ownership of a domain name and business.   Fortunately, there is now an alternative to the traditional paid Certificate Authorities, Let’s Encrypt.  Let’s Encrypt is a free service run by the Internet Security Research Group for the public’s benefit.  Its mission is to help create a more secure and privacy-respecting internet.

Because of Let’s Encrypt and our host of choice Heroku, Devspring can now offer you free SSL certificates, setup, and renewals to ensure that the data that you and your customers send to your website is secure using the best TLS/SSL standards.

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