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Think modern tech companies have to be in San Fran? Wrong. The digital playground is global, and even some of the most adventurous, used-to-be-mining-town-turned-outdoor-getaway hubs can be incubators for innovation.

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Some of Our Projects

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Meet your Dev Michael Wood.

After years studying International Relations, and many nights of asking "why", Michael took a position at a help desk and began his journey in IT. Working with a large financial services firm offered unique opportunities to serve and learn. Several years later, and Michael had completed courses with leading institutions on programming, database-driven web development, and information security. Michael developed several web applications that managed thousands of client's networked devices for ImageNet Consulting that resulted in significant efficiencies and cost savings. Michael started helping other businesses with their web presence and backend business processes as the owner of Devspring.

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Online Marketer Christina.

Christina is a Social Media & Communications Specialist with over 7 years experience in event coordination, and facilitating communication between consumers & organizations. Christina has managed dozens of national brands' online marketing and she loves what she does.